Horseriding Hurghada

Charlotte has been working with horses in Hurghada for the last 12 years and has now teamed up with Jo, also from the UK to work on an exciting new project.

We aim to rehabilitate neglected horses and provide a safe haven for abused donkeys and abandoned dogs and cats while sharing the pleasures of exploring  the Eastern Desert and the Red Sea with riders of all ages and abilities.

Riding our beautiful Arabian cross horses in the spectacular scenery of the Eastern Desert is a life enhancing experience. We have horses for all levels, from complete beginners to professional riders, and everything in between! We have several child-friendly ponies so children are welcome. Normally, trips last from one to two hours (the beach ride can’t be done in less than 2 hours), but we can arrange tailor-made longer rides, including half day and full day safaris to the mountains 20 kilometres away. We can also provide riding lessons if required. Safety is a priority with us so our equipment is of European standard including riding hats. Animal welfare is also a top priority. All our horses are well treated, well fed and happy!